Working with Doug and Julie Hastings was by far the BEST experience we’ve had throughout our housing venture. Their communication, attention to detail, and courtesy is top-notched! Doug’s knowledge, help, in-depth explanations, and genuine kindness during the inspection allowed us to feel confident in the decisions we had to make and negotiations during our housing purchase. The Inspection Report itself is incredibly comprehensive and thorough (pictures, details on major/minor defects, more!) If you are looking for a home inspection – look no further!

Dan & Margaret Y. 2019

I can’t imagine a better home inspector! Doug left no stone unturned in our home inspection. In the 3+ hours he spent inspecting our potential new home Doug walked through, climbed up, and crawled under every inch of the place with a keen eye for detail. He encouraged us to tag along for every bit of it and answered all of our questions along the way. He has a tremendous talent for communicating even the most arcane points of home inspection in a helpful and easy to understand way. Thanks Doug!

Sam D. 2018

Doug has inspected two potential homes for us, one of which we actually purchased. He enjoys what he does and it shows in the quality of his work. He is thorough, complete, and very punctual. He provides a comprehensive report of the inspection and takes the time to make sure you understand it. Additionally he is very knowledgeable about the house and construction industry in the Twin Cities and can be a reference for other services that we can trust. We’ve enjoyed working with Doug and recommend him to anyone!

John & Lisa K. 2019

Glad Julie talked us into spending the extra $50 getting the exterior inspected. Even though it was a part of the association, the problems you discovered were having such a huge impact on the interior. Association was so negligent we decided to walk away from the purchase. Who would of known but you! Thanks Doug and Julie.

David & Elizabeth H. 2019

My brand new roof leaked. Roofer couldn’t figure out the problem and eventually would not return my phone calls. My neighbor recommended I contact you. Best recommendation I’ve had in years. Thanks for solving my problem.

Bill L. 2019

The sellers radon test proved to be wrong. Your test with the proper electronic equipment and protocol got me a new radon system. You saved me $1,500.

Claire K. 2019

I didn’t want to have an inspection, but the city required it. Julie really prepared me for the inspection and told me the types of things I could fix prior to your coming out. After the inspection I recognized two things. First you were a good guy and did a fair job. Second Julies preparation and follow thru made selling my home as painless as possible.

Bryce & Loren J. 2018

As an agent I can always trust if Doug said it’s a problem then it’s a problem. He is very careful with what says and doesn’t alarm my clients. His reports are complete with pictures and easy for anyone to read. A real professional in an industry of many unprofessionals.

Tom L. CB Burnet

Doug’s knowledge of building codes make him a must for my clients building a new home. He mixes their expectations of quality with the state code. Nobody has ever regretted the additional cost to get it done right and without any builder hassles. I always recommend new home inspections.

Rod H. CB Burnet

You are a great source of information about houses. Your ability to put things in laymen terms and relate it to me and my clients has made you an invaluable tool to use. You promised to answer any of my housing questions, anytime, and you have delivered.

David L. Re/Max Results

Doug arrived early and got his ladders and gear in place so we could start off right away. He gave us many tips on the differences between new construction like this and the old homes we’d always lived in before. We learned what things to inspect annually, how to increase ventilation, what to do if the heating felt uneven from the 1st to the 2nd floor. He knew the latest codes and approaches to home building. He was very thorough. In addition, he was fun and personable. We received our written report in less than 24 hours.

Matthew & Liz K. 2019

You’re the first company that told us we could test for other contaminates than the typical nitrates and coliform bacteria. Thanks it was a big help. Found out we had a lead problem.

Monica Z. 2018

I have know Doug Hastings for 15 years and have always had great service from him for my real estate clients. Doug has knowledge for home inspections that is unmatched by anyone. He is a pleasure to work with, and most importantly – trustworthy. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a knowledgeable inspector in the Twin Cities.

Tom M. Lakes Sotheby's

Understanding the city housing code before you inspected the house helped me to prepare for the inspection. Julie walked me through the codes high points, I was able to fix them prior to the inspection, which helped me to put the house in the best light possible. You both were a big help. Thank you!

George & Tammy F. 2019

Very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough inspection, concise and comprehensive report, it was great working with you. I will highly recommend you.

Mark J. 2019

Doug went through the house, thoroughly inspecting every aspect of the house from the foundation up to the roof. Doug was very knowledgeable about current codes and about what is considered safe for the homeowner. We wanted to make sure that there were no issues with the home that would affect the sale. Doug’s knowledge, thorough attention to detail, and calm manner put me at ease. He took his time to explain in detail to me every aspect of the inspection, so that I would understand and be knowledgeable myself! They offered online scheduling, and I could access my report and pay my bill online, which were extremely convenient for me as well. I can’t say enough good things about Doug, as well as Julie (who works behind-the-scenes to keep his schedule and all communication flowing, which was also tremendous).

Ben & Sally S. 2019

Thinking about who to hire for inspection on our potential home felt a little intimidating. Doug Hastings is hands down the best. He is meticulous and thorough, and will go above and beyond to make sure you understand. His report is detailed, yet laid out in a way that is easy to follow and interpret. This kind man and his business partner/wife are a pleasure to work with. Look no further. You have to see this man in action to get it. Doug Hastings is the “house whisperer”.

Jeff & Deb W. 2019

Our first inspection was a disaster and we walked away, but the second home was a gem. You saved us from making a huge mistake and then gave us peace of mind on the home we bought. Your inspections were worth every penny we spent.

Richard F. 2018

We were so excited to be empty nesters and moving downtown. What a shock it was to find out there was a major moisture problem with this new building. Your observations and then recommendation to inquire into building owner/contractor lawsuits turned up a huge problem with upcoming major assessments and costs.

Casey & Lauren K. 2018

Julie was the first person that asked me “what type of inspection do you need”. Thanks for letting me choose what I wanted and then adjust the price to fit. You guys were great!

Mark C. 2019

We wanted to know what a buyers inspector would say about my house prior to putting it up for sale. You told us and helped determine what things made sense to fix. Just sold the home and everything turned out fantastic. Thanks for your wise counsel.

Bill & Angeline K. 2019

On my listings, I use Doug’s inspection report to market and expedite the sale. When other agents see his name on the report they know they can rely on his findings. His reports are so thorough, most of the time, buyers don’t even request their own inspection.

Sarah D. KW

I have not met any inspectors truly capable of commercial inspections. Doug is the exception. His experience and building knowledge make him my only choice. I recommend him highly for apartments and commercial buildings.

Tom N. Edina Realty

This was a big move for our company. I was shocked at the initial capital costs we would incur to make the building sound. This and your annual maintenance cost projections helped us to negotiate the appropriate purchase price.

Jonathan S. 2019

Never thought about having a radon test. Glad you recommended it as part of our home inspection. Was well worth the extra money. The seller ended up installing a radon mitigation system at their cost.

Mike J. 2018

Julie and Doug have been teaching home inspectors for Kaplan for many years. They are professional and know their stuff. They are the best and I wouldn’t consider hiring anyone else.

Misha L. 2018

To get top price for my home, I figured it must be in tip-top condition. Your inspection helped me get there. Thanks for the counsel. Be calling you soon for the house we will be buying!

Tom & Ronda P. 2019

Doug and Julie Hastings are the nicest, most talented, most knowledgeable inspectors you will ever find. Thanks for you help in understanding our new home.

Wayne & Judy S. 2018

Doug was recommended to us by our realtor. He performed an inspection of the home we had agreed to purchase. We received a 30-page report outlining all aspects of the structural and mechanical features of the home. Doug’s report was incredibly thorough, and provided us a to-do list of things to address with the seller before closing. We would definitely recommend Doug.

Sean & Mary C. 2019