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New Construction

4 Phase Inspections
Dissatisfaction with home builders and concern about the quality of construction opened the door to our independent new home inspections. Our customers desire an expert on their team to assure the home is built on time, with the right materials and installation quality. With our previous background of 16 years building homes and our knowledge of the MN state building code, we are well equipped to offer these inspections. From the planning stage to the final sign off, we are retained to assure our customer’s interests are protected and the project is completed as expected. To accomplish this, the project needs to be inspected at the following intervals:

  • 1st Inspection – after the footings & foundation are in
  • 2nd Inspection – after the wood framing, mechanical, electrical plumbing rough ins are completed
  • 3rd Inspection – after the insulation, wall siding, and roof are installed
  • 4th Inspection – upon final completion of all work

Final Inspection Only

Our final walk-thru inspection is designed to confirm that the contractor is completed; the materials and workmanship meet the customers’s expectation and the industry building standard.
1 Year Warranty Inspection

The State of MN requires that all new homes be guaranteed for 1 year. By the end of the 1st year, the homeowner needs to provide a list of repairs to the builder. We offer this inspection format to assist the homeowner in putting together a complete list of repairs the builder is obligated to make. Along with our normal visual analysis, we use the National Association of Home Builders residential performance guidelines as the basis for our recommendations.

If the contractor is not completed or has made a mistake, you may need us to do a re-inspection of that work to be assured it is done right. Each re-inspection will cost $100.


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