10 Biggest Problems Home Buyers Should Be Looking For

10 Biggest Problems Buyers Should Be Looking For


Basement moisture
90% of basement dampness is caused by the earth (landscaping) sloped towards the foundation.


Leaking roof
Most roofs leak because of bad flashing.  Tar installed over the flashing indicates a leaking that has been temporarily repaired.

Failed foundation
Unstable foundations are usually caused by the earth sloping towards the house.  This will be disclosed as a horizontal crack.
Unsafe furnace or boiler
Heating equipment that needs to be replaced will be excessively rusted, scorched, or patched on the outside jacket.
Hazardous electrical panel
Ungrounded electrical panels are a shock and electrocution danger.  Panels need to be grounded to a cold water pipe or a ground rod.
Low water pressure
The best way to test the water pressure is by leaving the cold water running in the basement laundry tub and individually checking the other faucets throughout the home.  Bad pressure is generally caused by rusted out galvanized steel pipes.
Collapsed underground sewer pipe
Run the bathtub and laundry tub simultaneously for about 10 minutes and wait to see if the fixtures backup.  This is the best way to test for a plugged sewer.
Leaking water heater
Turn the thermostat up to high for about 5 minutes and listen for a noise like popcorn popping.  This indicates excessive corrosion and a leak inside the water tank.
Bad windows
It’s as simple as operating each window.
Environmental hazards
The white insulation wrapping heating systems is the most common environmental concern.  Normally this insulation has asbestos fibers inside.

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