specialty inspection faq

Specialty Inspection FAQ

Are new home inspections performed to the same standard of practice as existing homes?
No new home inspections are based upon the MN State Building Code. This means not all home inspectors are capable of doing new home inspections. I am one of the few inspectors trained and skilled in code inspecting. I also was a home builder for 14 years prior to becoming an inspector.

When there is a city building official, why would there be a need for an independent fee paid new home inspector?
City officials can only base their decisions on the minimum building standard. They cannot require the builder to perform to a higher standard. I’m not familiar with anybody building a new home who desires the final product to meet the minimum quality of construction. An independent inspector can help you get what you anticipated.

Are commercial inspections performed to the same standard of practice as existing or new homes?
No commercial inspections are done to the ASTM Standard E2018-01. This standard differs from new and existing home inspections. Although much of what a home inspector knows will transfer to commercial inspecting; the mechanicals, electrical, plumbing, super structure, and flat roofing are different. Unless an inspector is trained to analyze these larger and more complex systems, they will be unable to do a complete and competent job.

Are commercial inspections required?
No purely optional. But why would you not want to know the capital improvements that will be required and the ongoing annual maintenance necessary to keep the building functioning.

Is radon really a problem?
Yes it can be. With the adoption of the most recent MN State Building Code, a radon mitigation system, either active or passive, must be included in all new home construction. This says it all.

Is radon testing required?
No, but we have done more radon testing in the last 3 years than we did in the previous 21 years all together.

Should public water supplies have a water test just like private wells?
No, the cities are required by federal law to meet a minimum standard of water quality.

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